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Name:Theia la Lune
Birthdate:Jul 23
Location:United States of America
I am a cook at a sushi restaurant by night and a house-girlfriend by day. I live with my boyfriend of one year who has been my best friend for about four years now. We have a quiet, simple, and exceptionally happy life together.

I feed the neighborhood strays, of which there are currently eight. Their names are Captain Spalding, Monkey-Face Killa, Hachicait, Chubby Butt Kitteh, Curious George, Shoko-Meep, Arnold "Terminator Cat" Schwarzenegger, and Tuxedo Cat.

I wear glasses and prefer long skirts and loose, comfy blouses or t-shirts, usually with a cardigan, sweater, or shawl of some form (I get cold rather easily). I enjoy a red-meat-and-pork-free diet and have a weakness for pretty desserts, but do not like overly sweet or spicy foods. I enjoy baking and cooking very, VERY much and would love to attend culinary school this year.

I really enjoy making my home my own and love handmade things, so I really tend to personalize my surroundings, the kitchen especially (I am nuts about my kitchen). I'm moving towards sewing most of my own clothes, and buy most of my shoes from, since theirs are more sustainable than much of what's available. I crochet my own dish and hand towels, and am working on making some coasters and place mats for our new table. I appreciate sturdy craftsmanship in furniture, along with plushness, and prefer wooden to metal any day. I enjoy making gifts for my friends instead of buying them something, because I think it communicates from my heart more effectively.

I have some problems with anxiety and depression, but I try to manage that, and am deeply spiritual. I am a solitary Pagan and practitioner of witchcraft. I understand the negative connotation with the word witch, but I haven't found a better word to describe it just yet. I am very weird about offending people and am rather non-confrontational, so I don't really tell people in my life about my spiritual beliefs.

I am physically unable to bear children, but I really enjoy being around my friends' kids. Most of them are rather sweet. I also have a very soft spot in my heart for animals. Some of my favorites are alpacas, rabbits, ducks, penguins, horses, cats, guinea pigs, goats, cows, and chickens. Geese kind of freak me out, mostly because the ones at our local park come up and basically attack you if you don't have anything to feed them. I don't like big dogs and am terrified of bugs and spiders.

I'm a rather kind person who is always looking for friendship. I believe that since we are all connected, it makes very little sense to try and harm another living thing.

One last word: if you add me as a friend thinking you'll convert me to your way of thinking, or save me or whatever; I'm rather tolerant of opposing viewpoints and don't care if my friends have different opinions than I do, but I do not enjoy arguing or other people trying to convince me of their rightness. So please, if you think you're going to change my mind or my habits, just move on.
Other than that, I welcome any and all!

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