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Name Theia la Lune
Age 23
DOB July 23
Sun Sign cusp of Cancer and Leo
Ascendant Pisces
Cook and House-girlfriend
Hobbies gardening, crochet and sewing, embroidery, films, music, drumming, dancing, cooking
Pets 8 stray cats that I feed...Captain Spalding (the aloof daddy), Monkey Face Killa (the mommy), Hachicait (my little boy!!), Chubby Butt Kitteh (the fat one), Curious George (the crooked one), Shoko-Meep (the littlest boy), Arnie "The Terminator Cat" (the one-eyed boy), Tuxedo Cat (the hideaway kitty).

My Life I was born in Portsmouth, VA, USA to a 21 year old army brat/homemaker and a 22 year old navy man. After only two years, dad was going to be stationed in Okinawa, Japan, but my mother pleaded with them until they stationed him in La Mesa, CA instead, where my brother was born. I never saw my dad at this age because he was aboard the USS Constellation most of our time there. Two years after that, we were moved to Columbus, MS, where my sister was born and my father was honorably discharged from the navy. For some reason, about a year later, we moved to Gautier, MS. After awhile, it was decided that we would move to Tuscaloosa, AL, where my grandfather lived, and where I spent most of my childhood.

In the summer between fourth and fifth grade, mom and dad decided to separate, and she took us kids to live with her parents in frozen New York Mills, MN. I hated it there at first, but grew to love the nature and being out of the city and the snow. My grandmother hated children and I feared her quite a bit, but my grandfather loved us and made toys out of wood and fed us too many sweets. I became a vegetarian while we lived there.
Dad eventually moved up there with us and when I was thirteen, he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II. I wasn't told until I was nineteen that he was also diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. This time was incredibly rough for me and my family, because it was hard for all of us to cope with how irritable and mean he was becoming, and it was at this time that I really began to distance myself from the rest of my family. It's never really been the same since. Also, mom attended and graduated from nursing school during this time, becoming a registered nurse.

The summer between tenth and eleventh grade, we moved to Mobile, AL, where dad got so bad he quit working altogether. Mom supported the family with her nursing work, and dad eventually attempted suicide. I was spending the night at one of my new (hopeful) friend's houses when mom came to pick me up and we went to see him in the hospital. I was so angry then. Thanks to mother, he was unsuccessful.

I had a huge falling out with all of my high school friends the year between graduation (which I didn't actually attend) and college, but college went on to be an experience I'd never forget. I made one of my best friends, had my longest relationship, took care of my first group of incredibly drunk people, and became incredibly depressed.

I entered the work force and dropped out of college at twenty, and went on to manage my first store and met Isabel and her brother, who would go on to become not only my best friend, but my only love. I worked many management-level jobs and eventually found myself managing a coffee shop and living with one of my employees, a female friend of mine. We had some good times there, but it eventually went out of business in May of 2009, and I was jobless. By this time, I had begun dating Isabel's brother, Christopher, and was living with him, so I was at least not homeless. It was after this that I landed my first job as a server in a restaurant, and after much struggling and convincing, I managed to be promoted to cook. 2009 was also the year that my finances finally turned around, my quality of life became better and filled with love, and I finally got some help for the depression I had been feeling for so long. Things are finally turning around, and I can't wait to see what 2010 will bring.

I have lost my paternal great grandmother and my paternal grandmother, both of whom were amazing women and part of my inspiration for how I want to live my life. I will miss you always, Nanny and Nina. Peace be with both of your souls.

Politics I am a registered Independent, and always vote for whomever I think will do the best job. I'm rather liberal in my views, in that I believe in rights for women, gays, and transgendered people. I believe in a woman's right to choose to have an abortion. I am very concerned about our Mother Earth, and if a candidate is awesome but has shitty environmental stances, it really makes the decision difficult for me. I also believe in animal rights, and used to be a vegan and raw foodist until I contracted an H. pylori infection in my stomach which has made me rethink the whole thing. If I had to kill animals to eat, I wouldn't eat meat at all, so I try to eat as little as possible, and when I do purchase meat, I buy free range and organic as often as possible. I believe in the cycle of life and death and therefore do not wish to throw away meat that will be harvested for human consumption anyway, but at the same time disagree with how cruel factory farming is to animals, so I have a moral dilemma here that I am still sorting out. Currently,  I do not eat red meat or pork, and do not eat anything with gelatin in it, but I do eat chicken, turkey, fish, milk, and eggs.

Spiritual Path I was raised by a mother who was a very devout Christian and a father who was an Atheist. Over the years as my mother's views changed, mine followed suit. Now, my mother is a Christian with many New Age beliefs and defines her own path, and my father is a Druidic Pagan. I consider myself a Green Witch. Green because I wish to emphasize my wish to coexist peacefully with my environment. I garden, I buy sustainable products, I reduce, reuse, recycle, and repurpose. I buy used clothes or make my own or recycle my old clothes into something new. I also use things found in nature for tools - a deer antler I found for an athame, shells to hold water, salt, and offerings; stones as amulets, and herbs in spells and rituals. I am mostly attuned with the Celtic and Norse deities, being the Gods of my maternal ancestry. I am very intuitive in my path; meaning I do what feels right and go where I feel deity is leading me.

Other I am very interested in yoga, the chakras, reiki, aromatherapy, and pranic healing. I believe in spirits and psychicism. I use the tarot and astrology as part of my daily life, along with numerology. I tend to read people very well and am naturally very intuitive. I am most at home in my garden or near the water, and I love a good bonfire. I want my home to be an inviting place always with plenty of food and warmth for my friends and family. I tend to be the one that my friends seek out for advice. I'm told I am mature for my age and wise beyond my years. I spoil the ones I love, and I love to take care of people and animals.


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